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Import & Distribution of Healthcare & Sporting Products

South East
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Non Disclosure Agreement

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In order to release more detailed information on any business for sale such as location and financial information you will be required to complete an online non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and agree to our standard terms and conditions of purchase., by submitting this form you agree to the following;

In order to release more detailed information on any business for sale such as Name, location and financial information you will be required to complete an online non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and agree to our standard terms and conditions of purchase, by submitting this form you agree to the following;-


I/we fully understand and agree that all information supplied to me that relates to any client of Business Partnership Corporate (BPC) will be kept strictly confidential.

I acknowledge that BPC has and will supply me with information of a confidential or proprietary nature (the Confidential Information). Confidential Information shall mean any information or data relating to any BPC Client’s business or affairs disclosed whether in writing, orally or by any other means.

I agree that in respect of the Confidential Information received from BPC I will: -

  • Treat it as confidential and make no copies thereof.
  • Not disclose it to any third party without the prior written consent of BPC, if information is released to your professional advisors or work colleagues, we will require a listing of all entities and individuals who have received such information. It is your duty to ensure they are aware of and comply with the conditions of this NDA.
  • Use it solely for the purpose of assessing that the target Business is a suitable acquisition or as agreed between parties.
  • Indemnify BPC and their clients for any losses, damages or expenses that may be occasioned by any breach of confidentiality.

I further acknowledge that all documents and other material things embodying any of the Confidential Information received under this agreement shall remain the property of the supplying party (or other owner thereof) and I shall hold them as Bailee for the supplying party, exercising reasonable care to keep them safe from access by unauthorised persons, and shall confirm destruction to the greatest reasonable extent all copies thereof within one week of a written request from the supplying party.

I will not attempt to contact the employees, customers, creditors, suppliers or landlords of any client of BPC at any time. Contact in the ordinary course of business, unrelated to the potential acquisition of the Business, will not be a breach of this agreement.

I will not use the confidential information to seek to obtain any commercial advantage over any client of BPC.

I acknowledge that this Agreement shall remain in force for a period of two years from today’s date.

I confirm that I have funds or access to third party funds to enter negotiations for the business for which I have expressed an interest.

This NDA will provide you with information on the name of the business name, address, information memorandum, web site (if applicable) and all financial information which is in the public domain. If you require further accounting and sensitive commercial information you may at the discretion of our client be required to complete a more detailed and robust Confidentiality Agreement which will be between yourselves and our client, In which case a template will be provided for you to complete and return on your business or personal stationary, such agreement will be addressed directly to our client.

The laws of England and Wales shall govern this Agreement.

BPC privacy policy and full terms of condition can be accessed by clicking the following link;

June 2020

Enquirers Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

BPC, its directors, shareholders, regional partners or their employees make no representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the contents of these sales particulars, and reserves the right to make changes as it feels are appropriate and necessary at any time and without prior notice.

The information contained in these sales particulars, information memorandum, marketing material and representations on our web site should not be considered as the basis of any investment or other financial decision; it is not a prospectus or an offer for sale or indeed an invitation to treat. Users are advised to carry out further Due Diligence and seek further advice before acting on any information posted on our web sites or these sales particulars.

Marketing material, Sales Particulars, Information Memorandum and any subsequent commercial information relating to this business, are supplied on the strict understanding that it should be kept confidential and must not be copied or supplied to a third part without the consent of BPC.

All recipients of these Sales Particulars irrevocably agree:-

  1. To treat all information contained herein, and as may subsequently be supplied, with complete confidentiality.
  2. To make no approach directly to the Owner(s) or the Business and/or Property either personally, by telephone, or in writing without the consent of BP.
  3. To visit the Owner(s) and/or the Business or Property only and strictly by prior appointment to be made and confirmed through the Offices of BPC.
  4. To make no approach to the Staff of the business or discuss the proposed sale with any staff member without the consent of the Owner(s).
  5. To request and obtain any and all information required, including any financial information, solely through the Offices of BPC.
  6. To submit any offer for the purchase of the Business and/or property directly through the BPC Agents and not directly to the Owner(s).
  7. These Terms and Conditions are supplied as a preliminary to any further negotiations taking place. 

Once BPC’s online NDA and Terms and Conditions have been signed details will be supplied , the release of any further information will be subject to our clients approval and  may require receipt of a signed  and much more robust  confidentiality agreement:-

A copy template can be obtained directly from the Regional Partner who is handling the sale.

Once an agreeable offer to purchase has been accepted on any business all the intending purchasers agree to provide identifying documentation in line with the current Anti Money Laundering Legislation (AML). We would ask for your cooperation in order that there is no delay in moving forward to the instruction of legal representation. 

Business Partnership Corporates privacy policy and full terms of condition can be accessed by clicking the following link;

June 2020