Colin Howell Looks East with Business Partnership

Whilst the country was sunning itself (or sheltering from torrential rain), Business Partnership was opening the doors to our newest member, Colin Howell.  Colin bases himself in Little Dunmow, Essex. He is now representing businesses in North Essex, East Hertfordshire and South Suffolk.

Accountancy and Healthcare

Colin brings with him a vast knowledge of the corporate and small business sector. Colin originally qualified and worked as an accountant for many years. He then became finance director of a group of companies in the healthcare sector.

Sales and Acquisition Experience

In 2004 Colin sold the healthcare company. Driven by the entrepreneurial bug, and started up a recruitment business. This grew to £50m turnover over the next 15 years. Some of that growth came via acquisitions which give him complete empathy for the journeys our clients are on.
Colin says of himself “I have a passion for business and totally understand the emotional attachment owners have to companies they have set up, nurtured and grown.”


The entire Business Partnership team are delighted to welcome Colin to into our fold.
If you would like to know more about joining us here at Business Partnership, get in touch.