Buying or selling a business in Dudley, Walsall & Wolverhampton?

Introducing Nabil…

After graduating as an engineer from Leeds University and working in that sector for a time, by the age of 27 Nabil realized he had a passion for business and an eagerness to be his own boss.

He joined the board of directors of a business in the Sport & Leisure sector, Sparena Leisure Ltd, which culminated in a management buyout a few years later, giving Nabil overall control. This then led to the purchase of 2 further businesses which were added to the group.

Nabil’s aim was always to grow the businesses, improve the balance sheet and then exit. This he did between 2004-2010 which provided time to relocate his primary business and take on a turnaround opportunity.

Nabil then returned to his engineering roots with a project to establish a brand-new location in Leicester which completed in 2018.

Throughout his business life, Nabil’s work has revolved around acquisitions, disposals, turnarounds, and startups.

Nabil believes that he has the necessary understanding and business acumen to help existing business owners achieve maximum returns when selling their business as well as helping buyers get the best value on their investment. Stating that “I am confident I will be well placed to link both buyers and sellers effectively throughout the Dudley, Walsall and Wolverhampton areas”.

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