Business Parnership Free Valuation How much is your business really worth? Free Valuation How much is your business really worth?

Business Partnership offers business owner’s a business valuation at our expense and without any obligation for you.

The first thing to establish is why you want a business valuation, as the reason can make a difference to your value:

The main reason for having a business valuation are:

  • Retirement – Where achieving the best price is often the driving factor.
  • Ill-health – Where a quick sale is sometimes more important than the upfront price
  • Financial pressures – where a mixture of time and money can be driving a sale
  • Curiosity – As part of a longer-term plan towards a business exit – see our Maximising your business value page:

With this knowledge we help business owners understand not only the likely outcome of their business sale, but also how they can go about achieving it. Remember we have the largest network of business brokers in the UK and are best placed to advise you on where your business sits, both in its local and the UK market. Our experience tells us that the asking prices quoted on Business sale portals are sometimes overly aspirational and probably not achievable. With only around 20% of the businesses on the market actually selling, we know only a full and detailed assessment will provide you with the right advice.

Our valuations are honest and based upon historical and empirical data collected from over 40 years of completed transactions. As we make money when you sell, why would we provide anything but straight forward advice.

Whatever your reasons for talking to us you can be assured our network of professional business brokers can provide support tailored to your situation.

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