Buying or selling a business in Essex (North), Herts (East) & Suffolk (South)?

Introducing Colin…

The first business sale Colin negotiated (for £11.3m) was of the healthcare group of which he was FD, back in 2004. He then established his own company, growing it to a turnover of £50m before selling in 2018.

Achieving that growth involved buying several businesses and getting involved – as advisor or potential buyer or seller – in a great many more. A qualified tax accountant,

Colin’s business interests have spanned a range of sectors including accountancy, healthcare, training, recruitment and employment.

Colin’s enthusiasm for business and tremendous first-hand experience as a business owner, seller and buyer means that he knows what it feels like to be selling something as all-consuming as your own business. He knows what builds confidence in buyers. He knows how to make sure that the deal agreed, is the deal which is done.

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