Cambridge Rare Books Ltd, Gloucestershire

Project Info

This most unusual and niche business opportunity, which saw our client commenced trading originally back in 2000, was the culmination of a very varied and interesting business career resulting in a much-deserved retirement. In principle, the business deals with rare books sales, which are generally Non-fiction, First Edition and in Good Condition. The business had two distinct revenue streams: the sale of its own books, the other being dealer and private agents book sales. This later revenue stream means representing retail book shops and dealers in the sale of specialist books. This is due to the company's very prominent standing of its internet business within the marketplace. Within this second income stream comes the ability to be able to charge a storage fee per month per book, which goes a huge way to paying for the overall rental costs of the industrial unit occupied by the business. A trade sale was eventually affected making a business trading at both ends of the marketplace.
  • Client: Cambridge Rare Books Ltd, Gloucestershire
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