China Boy Catering Hire, Tewkesbury

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This specialist hire company provides a complete hire service to caterers, hotels and private clients alike, offering a huge array of cutlery, glassware, kitchen equipment and even furniture, together with a selection of table linen and matching napkins and seat and chair covers and decorations. The business prides itself on being able to supply everything from teaspoons to ovens, a side plate to a six foot table and a wine glass to mobile refrigeration. This is a sophisticated hire business, which can easily be run by a couple with assistance on an as and when basis from casual labour, due mainly to a sizeable investment a couple of years ago into an automated washing a drying unit. This system can process thousands of glasses in hours rather than days! A very well established business, which was started in 2000, and has only been made available for sale due to the pending retirement of our client.
  • Client: China Boy Catering Hire, Tewkesbury

“Good morning John, sincere thanks from Jag and myself for all your hard work in helping us to achieve our goal! Your service has been amazing and will recommend you to others. Thank you again.”
Neeta & Jagdish Dhanak, China Boy Catering Hire,