China Boy Catering Hire, Gloucestershire

Project Info

A very well-established business, which originally commenced trading in 2000, and was previously sold through us some 7-years, so to say we had history is a slight understatement. This specialist hire company provides a complete hire service to caterers, hotels and private clients alike. The business offers for hire a huge array of cutlery, glassware, kitchen equipment and even furniture, together with a selection of table linen and matching napkins and seat and chair covers and decorations. The business prides itself on being able to supply everything from teaspoons to ovens, a side plate to a six-foot table and a wine glass to mobile refrigeration.   A couple moving back from semi-retirement from France, with the first viewing to completion in a matter of a couple of months.
  • Client: China Boy Catering Hire, Gloucestershire
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