Buying or selling a business in Bromley, Croydon & SE London?

Introducing Douglas…

Having run a small family business for 17 years Douglas fully understands the stresses and conflicts faced by many SME business owners.

Being the central focus of the business, constantly immersed in the cut and thrust of that life, can lead to the owner losing sight of both the strategic direction and also the need for a healthy work life balance.

Sometimes one business can only take an owner so far on their travels through life. Having been in that position, Douglas appreciates that any decision to change direction is hard. It is also a decision that the business owner may lack experience of themselves, so working alongside a business broker will help to best price and position ‘their baby’.

This is why Douglas joined Business Partnership  – it allows him to combine his experience with Business Partnership’s expertise to help business owners across Bromley, Croydon and South East London to sell their business.

The goal is to offer business owners like you a guiding hand through the process of finding an exit strategy that meets your goals – one that considers not just the best price, but also timescales and what happens to employees & customers – both of whom are often considered like family to the small business owner.

Douglas’ attention to detail, strong commitment to customer service and organisational ability are the aspects that most SME Owner/Operators would recognise in themselves from their day to day activities and will need in their business sale.

Douglas’ core beliefs of honesty, integrity and loyalty are central to both his personal and business relationships and why he is ideal as a Regional Partner within Business Partnership.

With Douglas at your side you can be sure that the next chapter of your life will begin as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

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