Business Parnership Our Services Whether you are buying or selling a business you
need support from people you can trust.
Our Services Whether you are buying or selling a business you
need support from people you can trust.

It doesn’t matter if you are buying or selling a business, we understand that you need people around you that you can trust and respect throughout the sales process.

Business Partnership can provide that ideal combination as we offer knowledge, experience, discretion and a professional service for both business sellers and potential buyers.

Our team of trusted and skilled Regional Partners can help you to make the right decisions about your business sale or business acquisition and ultimately guide you towards a deal that offers the right value.

We offer the following services to clients whether you are buying or selling a business:

  • Valuations – It is not just about profits, but how sustainable they are under new ownership.
  • Sale Preparation – What do you need in place to achieve the right outcome.
  • Provision of a bespoke marketing plan which assures confidentiality and success.
  • Buyer and seller matchmaking – Understanding the objectives of both helps deliver a better outcome.
  • Negotiation – Agreeing price, deal structure and timescales (see Structuring your sale). A properly negotiated deal saves lots of time later and is more likely to succeed.
  • Introductions to trusted professionals in our network for advice on:
    • Finance
    • Legal matters
    • Accountancy & tax
    • Commercial Energy Performance Certificates (CEPC)
    • Our Regional Partners will support throughout your business sale or acquisition, and between us our collective and substantial experience help manage the inevitable pitfalls with sensitivity and professionalism.

Other Reasons to use Business Partnership

We can offer you the following benefits and assurances about our services:

  • Local for local – we recognise the need for local knowledge and experience about your business which is why we operate at a local level across the country. Not only do our experts understand the wider economy they’re also familiar with the local area and its relevance to your business. Our mantra is that we ‘sell local businesses nationwide,’ not to mention overseas buyers.
  • Experienced lead contact – rather than a blanket one size fits all approach we know that having an experienced and professional business broker is much more likely to bring successes. We want to offer you and your business a personal approach that really works. Our experts have experience of many industries and so, regardless of your sector, within our network we also have all the relevant knowledge.
  • Work with your team – to ensure that your sales deal runs smoothly we will work with you team to bring success – your accountant, solicitor and landlord (where relevant) will all help us achieve a solid and robust sale.

Simply we bring the expertise and resources you need to get your deal across the line.

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