The benefits of Business Prevention

Business owners often believe that they are their business and that it has no value without their personal expertise.

So if this is you, and what you sell, like a PR consultant or plumber, is your experience and knowledge, how do you change your business from a lifestyle into a valuable asset – one that can be sold.

To grow a knowledge-based business, it first has to be teachable so your employees can learn how to deliver the service. So how do you condense years of school and on-the-job learning into a few weeks of employee training? Especially as the more specialised and therefore valuable your knowledge, the harder it is to hand over work to employees.

The key to scaling a service business is often found in prevention; simply stop customers from calling you in the first place. Start selling prevention rather than the cure.

For example a plumber can teach an employee routine maintenance of a boiler, much easier than fault finding.

A dentist takes years to acquire the skills to successfully complete a root canal, but it’s relatively easy to train a hygienist to perform a regular scale and polish.

It’s no trouble for an letting agent to hire someone to clean the gutters once a month, but repairing a flooded basement caused by clogged gutters is much more difficult.

Only a very experienced car mechanic can overhaul a seized engine, but he can train a lot of junior mechanic’s to change the oil and prevent the problem.

In a IT support company, only the experienced engineer can restore a customer’s network after a virus infection, but preventing the virus by installing and maintaining the latest anti-virus software is a simple task for a much less experienced employee.

The added benefit of building your business in this way is that customers will often pay regularly for maintenance services, providing regular