Time for a fresh start

When we keep doing the same thing year on year, it’s bound to get a little boring. For those of us with the sort of drive and creativity to start a new business, it can be especially so.

You’ve done it all. Sales are good and you have a solid customer base. You’re a success and that’s not to be sniffed at, but the thrill is gone. Sure, you’re proud of what you achieved, but expansion isn’t on the cards. It’s the same old, same old, and you want the excitement of getting established again. We understand.

Don’t Go!

And yet, you’re still proud of what you’ve done. Yours is a successful business filling a major local need. So why not pass it on to somebody else to run?

Lots of people are looking to run a business, but not everyone is a risk taker. There are so many more who can’t afford to ditch everything and watch their income grow back up from nothing. Many who would happily step into your shoes, and run your business for their long-term stability. Those people are willing to pay too, so why not consider selling your business?

Give Someone Else a Chance

There are two types of business people: the innovator and the operator. Both are equally valid, but they’re very different. The former loves the excitement of building a business from scratch; the latter is great at running it day in, day out.

So don’t be afraid to sell your business. There’s always someone willing to pay for your work. Someone who’ll take your hard built business, care for it and nurture it, leaving you to do something fresh and new.

If you’re tempted to sell your business and start afresh, see our website and find out what your business is worth to somebody else. It may just give you the funds to pursue another dream.