Time to hang up your boots

Retirement comes to us all. Even if you’re not working in an occupation with a fixed retirement date, there will come a day when you just don’t have the energy to keep going anymore. You want to shed the pressure and spend quality time with your grandchildren or perhaps on that hobby you never have enough time for.

A tough decision

When it comes to the crunch, retirement can feel like a huge wrench. That’s it. You’ll never work again. A scary thought indeed, or maybe the best thought you ever had. But either way, the jolt can be felt especially keenly for those who run their own small or medium business.

Often the retirement of the owner spells the end for otherwise successful businesses. Well-run, profitable businesses, popular with the local community, that just disappear when the proprietor needs to take off their shoes and embrace a quiet life.

This is such a shame. It’s not unusual for failing businesses to close, but successful ones? And what about your staff? Then there’s all that work you’ve put in over the last thirty years. Gone. Just like that.

A better way

Just hang on there! Don’t be hasty. Didn’t you know that there are lots of people out there just waiting to buy a business like yours?

If you’ve made a success such that, with a little TLC, your business can still go from strength to strength, there’ll be somebody out there willing to pay good money to fill your shoes. There are plenty of budding Entrepreneurs out there, just look at Dragons Den, and more of us than ever are looking to invest capital to become your own boss.  So why not sell your enterprise to somebody who wants to continue your good work?

Get in touch with us at Business Partnership for your first valuation. We’ll help you understand what your business is worth, and secure the buyer who’ll cherish and build on your past successes.