Buying or selling a business in Manchester Central & South Cheshire?

Introducing Paul…

Are you in Northwich and its surrounding areas and looking to buy or sell? Paul is an expert in the field of brokerage and will guide you through the processes required of business purchase.

Paul Dodgshon helps SME owner’s to achieve their ambitions in life and business. The sale of a business is managed to achieve the owner’s goals and to maximise the benefits they can obtain.

Paul’s background includes roles as a Finance Director of a PLC and various positions within the commercial and retail banking sectors. This provides him with a great deal of experience in understanding businesses, business opportunities, accounting, sales, marketing and general management disciplines.

Since joining The Business Partnership, Paul, based in Northwich, Cheshire, has had the chance to apply these skills to a wide range of businesses, rather than one organisation.

Paul states, “My experience, combined with close involvement at every stage of the sales process, allows me to achieve the maximum exit value for my clients.”

Paul is a member of the South Cheshire Chambers of Commerce and is an Ambassador the for “Fore” Business golfing network .

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